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Brings to mind the early work of Sam Baker.

A former frontman of The Wayward Sons, Huke Green’s vocals are nothing like you’ve heard before. Sounding as though whiskey has been soaked in his throat during his formative years and then worn down by sandpaper, despite this Huke’s vocals invite you in and it is very difficult not to enjoy what you’re hearing.

Ten songs long, the music is not overpowered with unnecessary instrumentals and this is to Huke’s advantage. The finest tune found here is Tracks. With a driving groove but sung in Huke’s style, it uses stonking instrumentations courtesy of Americana strumming on the banjo and guitar. The wonderful Sam Baker follows the same approach but with other instruments and, just like Sam, Huke’s vocals are not like anybody else’s.

A follow up to this album would certainly help to spread the positive message that Huke sings about in his music. Russell Hill

Russell Hill
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