Huke Green featured on Roots Time (Belgium)

   Some of you already know Huke to be one of the members of the Roots Rock / Grunge band from Southern Texas, or perhaps The songwriter collective The Front Porch Society. The Gravel voiced Huke now releases his solo effort, and his music is both delicate and rough like an unpolished diamond. With humble beginnings in poetry "Rustic Poet" returns the focus to the lyrical content with stripped down instrumentation, with only the most sober guidance, including the instrumentalist Tommy Worley and Jonathan Lin's violin behind him, focusing all attention on the raw voice of Huke and especially its narrative texts.

   These lyrics are as raw as the voice of the interpreter, together they have the effect of a glass of 12 year old whiskey. They burn in your body. Partly due to the atmospheric minimal supervision, you will get that folky Americana sound that is reminiscent of the well traveled troubadours of the America's past. The mind will conjure artists like Tom Waits, Kris Kristofferson, or Malcolm Holcombe, but the more distinct, jerky narrative singing style of Sam Baker is very close to what Huke Green does, listen for example to the opener "Backwoods" and the closer "Peggy".

    Samuel Baker and Kev Harris, two colleagues from the Wayward Sons, make a couple of appearances for a slightly fuller group sound, but frankly, our "Rustic Poet" is better to take advantage of the most sober tracks, where nothing takes the attention from the lyrics. This CD is a work that even to a person who may not be a fan of this style of music could enjoy once they get pulled into the stories and the songs get to know you... 




- Ronny Bervoets


Ronny Bervoets
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