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Born in Channelview, through the woods along the San Jacinto River, between heaven and earth there Huke Green began moving to compose music: "I started with poetry," says Huke. "Then I was playing around with the guitar and realized songs are poems with music!" Year 2007, his first public performance in front of Houston was solo as he preferred ballads, but in 2009 he decided to expand the horizon, forming the roots rock band The Wayward Sons with whom he recorded an excellent live CD at Rudyard's, also in Houston (Live On The Wayward Path!). Unfortunately, no follow up record was produced, they decided instead to concentrate on their solo careers and the alternative project, Front Porch Society.

In Rustic Poet there is much spiritualness, light and darkness constantly exchange place, his deep and hoarse voice (Michael Dean Damron comes to mind) has the power of cleansing the day and illuminating the night, the result is a series of rootsy ballads in the company of a solo guitar or along with the band (Tommy Worley on guitar, Samuel Barker on bass and Kev Harrison on drums) ready to share visions of the past, present and future in such a way that they are timeless. "I'm an observer. I hardly write anything autobiographical. I don't want to write the same old song and dance about love and whatnot. Where I live, in the old part of Channelview, there's a crossroads that some folks dubbed the "Four Corners" which has a corner store, some sort of fabrication shop, a Mom & Pop hardware store and some shady characters on the last."

It is in that cross road that Huke Green finds a kind of reality that overlaps fiction like an evocative dance. The opening 'Backwoods' stretches to combine the various poetic and melodic facets found throughout the ten song collection. In the beautiful roots rock of 'Bare Bones', we are treated to a gentle flow of harmonica while pondering  philosophical speculations. Huke leaves space between the lines for reflections and carefully balanced social surveys among the sounds of violin and dobro ('Downtrodden Prayer', 'Devil's Shout', to the splendid 'Prayin' for Rain' and 'Letter To a Son') to the full band acoustic electric outings ('Tracks', 'Next to Me', and the deliciously charming harmonica and banjo play in 'Front Porch') so as to create a universe where sin and redemption are melted in an extraordinarily fertile way. Rustic Poet stirs on a livid territory, perpetually covered by clouds that do not allow but the smallest of openings until the closing ballad 'Peggy', a song concerning a "Lady of the night looking beat to hell". Even though the ghost of other illustrious songwriters resound through out these works, 'Rustic Poet' captures the genuine creativity and spontaneity that shines from this stand out of a talent, that goes by the name of Huke Green.

Rino Iacovella
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