Rustic Poet (5 out of 5 Stars)

Music was not the first place Huke Green utilized his creative talent. He wrote poems and really only because he was artistically challenging enough, he decided to put his poems to music.. Rustic Poet (self released) is the sublime result of that decision. Raised in the bayous of East Texas, Green talks about failed lives, as in the magnificent 'Devil's Shout'. "Don't Tease a dog in its own backyard", Green sings with a growling voice. I hear thematic similarities to Wil Ridge. 'Letter To A Son' features a prisoner questioning his actions and relationship to his Son. The feather-light string music is a nice contrast with the lyrics and Green's rasping nomination. 'Prayin 'For Rain' has a very dark sound with heavy bass, which rounds out with an atmospheric a fiddle. The relationship of 'Peggy' also finds support in a sad fiddle. Green (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, guitjo, harmonica) took on the album with a supporting line up of: Tommy Worley (electric and acoustic guitars, resonator, guitjo), Kev Harris (percussion), Samuel Barker (bass) and Jonathan Lin (violin). With such a dark voice, Greg Brown is a logical reference. There is sometimes a hint to the songs of Ryan Bingham. From the many sad scenes in the songs, Green still hints that he has has a soft side, Likely influenced by his involvement in the Quaker community. In this respect he can shake hands with Sam Baker. Available at CD Baby.

John Gjaltema
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