Winter business

Hey all,

The Wayward Sons are spending the cold winter time recording some solo albums and getting ready for spring, so during this time we are offering all of you the ability to download our ENTIRE live album for FREE. Here's the link...

Free album Download

I am near complete with my upcoming album, 'Passing Through', while Sam is chugging along on his solo effort as well. Also, The Wayward boys are about to begin working on the back up portion of Ben Halls second album 'Stars and Scars', which I can assure you will be phenominal... I should know, I was there when he laid down the guitars and vocals!

I'm looking to a March 15th album release. So keep in mind... Beware the Ides of March! Keep an eye out for upcoming shows, I'm sure if your nice to me and I have the album we can work out a deal before March 15th.

I'll be seeing you folks out in San Antone, Fredericksburg and Austin during the Winter. So keep and eye on the schedule and mark the dates.

See y'all around...



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