Waiting for 'Waiting For The Sun To Rise'

There has been a slight delay in the recording of the next albums. There have been a few reasons. Kids outta school. A much needed new day gig. Wayward Sons getting going again to name a few. There are kinda lame excuses, but excuses none the less. I'm planning on doing some recording next week... but I do have a business trip to Orlando for the week after. I want to have the first part done before the end of summer. I would like to have the second part, Midnight, out around Halloween. It is the darkest part after all. would make sense. Maybe Christmas time for the last part since it's more on the brighter side. No promises though.  

I attempted to create a Kickstarter campaign, but they rejected me. Apparently they didn't like the fact my budget was $77. I'm supposed to come up with some ridiculous $25,000 type number. I'm not gonna insult your intelligence and pretend it costs that much for me to record my music in my garage and get a few DIY CD's made. There's a 'Tip Jar' tab on my website you can throw a few bucks in if you want to help. The albums will be put into the public primarily via my digital store. I just need a few CDs to sell at gigs and to send to reviewers. 

So, bear with me as I get this stuff together. 


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