Two Cow, Revolt BBQ and what's coming up

Before I get to the goings-on, last Friday was a Show of Shows! Waywards, Grizzly AND Two Cow Garage... are you kidding me!? How do I decribe this show!? You had to be there. No words. Here's some pics...


On Sunday Kev and I gratefully accepted an invite to a BBQ in Huntsville yesterday hosted by Texas Music Revolt's Christopher Barfield and Come and Take It Entertainment's Dee Bolton. Let me tell you folks... These is good people. El C might come off brash on the Revolt page, But he is one of the coolest, most down to Earth cats I've met. Dee was vey cool as well and made some good grub for all of us. All of us included guys from The Jobe Wilson Band, Cypress Station, Josh Ward and various other kind folks hanging around. A good time was had by all and we took turns on the PA playing some tunes on the back deck. You should check out ALL of the above links, Follow along the with the Revolt and SEE THESE BANDS! This is the real deal folks, so if you like your music B.S. free and real down to Earth guys giving it to you... look no furthur.

This week we are having some Acoustic shows. Thursday at Mango's is day one, so if you're in the inner loop come check us out.

Saturday we return to LIT Hookah Lounge with a show for Smokers and Non-Smokers alike. Confused? Lit is a Hookah Lounge, So it's not very smokey and smells more like incense than Cigs. So EVERYBODY can come and enjoy the show, smoker or not.

So we hope to see you at one or both of these shows for our Acoustic 3 man goodness!

~ Huke

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