The Kitchen Video Series #1 Early Grave


I like noodling on the ol' guitar whilst Cristi throws supper together. Our kitchen in quite cozy. Very down home. Gonna post some videos from the kitchen. Here is a song that's been around a while, but only played out enough times you can count on one hand.

I had these lyrics for some time and just couldn't get a music arrangement I was happy with. Ben Hall and I had a co-writing session at my kitchen table in the early days of the Front Porch Society. This session produced the completion of this song with Ben coming up with the music part, and also 'Delillah', which Ben Has ben playing for years solo and in the Dragliners

This song is about a "Suicide By Cop" in a grocery store parking lot. There are just some people who can't escape their dark deeds, no matter how bad they really want to. I feel bad for the guy here. He was born on the wrong side of the tracks and spent his life wanting to change, but knowing that he couldn't do so.

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