Porch Talk: TV shows
I don't expect this to amount to a hill of beans to you, but I'm gonna try to put some stuff on the site that is just kinda... I don't know... getting to know me type things. I'm just a regular kinda guy. So I'll share some things of an everyday life variety so we can have a more friendly relationship rather than an "Artist / Fan" awkward deal happening.
I don't have cable or satellite. I have a PlayStation 3 and watch TV via Netflix and Hulu. In the bedroom I have a Roku box, which serves the same purpose. I just got tired of paying all the money for cable. When I was growing up we had cable. We had ONE HBO and ONE Cinemax channel because...well, they only had one. I didn't get internet in my home till 2005. But now I have internet and no cable. Can't say I miss it. I might be a little late on the seasons of my favorite shows, but I can live with that just fine.

I don't usually like to watch shows till they get a few seasons under their belt. I hate getting into a show, getting to like the characters and settings, then the network cancels it. It happened twice recently. We started watching two shows with the kids... Let me clarify something real quick. We have what we call "kid shows", which doesn't mean it's Disney channel stuff, just stuff that's Ok for the kids to watch. So, The "kid shows", we had been watching 'No Ordinary Family' on ABC which we all enjoyed cancelled after an open ended season finale. I was non too happy. We also watched 'The Cape' on NBC, which ended worse because they cancelled it BEFORE the season finale and tried to condense the final three episodes into one. That turned a good show into a disappointing mess!


Here are some shows I really dig. True Blood, Justified, American Horror Story, Dexter, Sons Of Anarchy, The League, Blue Mountain State. These are the ones we watch when kids go to bed. Some that we watch with the kids are Storage Wars, Swamp People, Gold Rush, Warehouse 13, Fact Or Faked, Psych, American Pickers, Auction Hunters, Sons Of Guns. There's some others in there. I'll watch ANYTHING with Gordon Ramsay.

So there you go. I'll link this kinda stuff to my Twitter (My Preferred Social Experience) and Facebook. If you have any comments or suggestions on something shoot me a line at one of those places. Be sure to include if the show is Kid Friendly or not. Next time I think I'll talk movies. Thanks y'all.



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