Kickin' off summer

We Ladies and gents, Tonight I'm officially calling it summer. I know June 22nd is the Good Ol' American start date... even though here in Texas its more like Mid April. Tonight we will be in the Shadow of the mighty Galleria area with all the Inner Loopers at Dunn Bros. Greenway Commons. A Front Porch show on one of the largest Front porches around!

Tomorrow we play at one of our favorite spots, Waldo's Coffee House to kick off our "Gas Money Tour". Which reminds me, A week from now we will be on the road heading into Memphis, TN to Java Cabana. I've never been to Tennessee, so i'm excited to see what it's like there. We won't have much time there as we roll on into Chicago (Northbrook to be exact) for a show at Fat Tone Guitars. I have people in Illinois, so I'm glad to have a show out that way. We also have some super cool people who are givin us a garage to park our stuff in while we see the sites such a Wrigley Field. They also said they would feed us a home cooked supper, which should be a welcome treat fom the Red Bull and Honey Bun diet we will have for the rest of the journey.Well, I hope to lunch between Chicago and Saint Louis with some of my Family members who can't make the shows, so maybe two good meals.

What's going on in Saint Louis you ask? Why on Saturday the 26th we play The Wedge. I hear some of my Missouri Family will be here and that Nathan has some people coming too. So if you are in any of these cities, come out and show some love. I'll be putting up some road blogs and such, so check back for those to see how the trip is going.

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