Coming up from Sauna Studios and Cinder Shack

Hey everyone, hope all is well this holiday season.

In 2011 Sauna Studios and Cinder Shack Records put out Huke Green's "Rustic Poet" to much success. It was a highly acclaimed in Europe and here at home. Sauna Studios will be busy again here in the start of 2012 to bring a couple of exciting projects to you.


We are wrapping up Ben Hall's sophomore release, 'Scars and Stars'. We are just waiting for some final studio instrumentation to be completed and then post production work. 'Scars & Stars is shaping up to be a mighty successor to Ben's first outing, 'Second Harvest', which you can pick up RIGHT HERE!

Also coming in 2012:

Baytown's legendary guitar man, C.T. Worley, has been green-lit for some time in Sauna Studios. C.T. has been a part of our musical family for over a year now and we think it's time he puts down some tracks for an album. He has crafted some mighty fine tunes and I think you are gonna dig this project!  

I have also begun to fool around with some things in the Studio and have an idea of how my next album will shape up. I'll get into recording it once Ben Hall's album is complete and will be going on along with C.T.'s project. I will say that the next album will be even more sparse than 'Rustic Poet' with only a few filled out songs. We're going to explore a different recording technique that I hope will fully benefit the bare bones fashion of most of the songs. No tentative date for the project to be available to the public is being set. I am going to work at my pace until I am happy with it but, hopefully it will be done in time for a 12-21-2012 release. 

So, There's what's on the agenda for now. Merry Christmas to you and yours...


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