April 27 Newswire

The Front Porch Society will be playing the patio at Dunn Bros. Friendswood this coming Saturday night. It will be a special episode of the FPS as it is Semi-BarkerFest in celebration of our Samuel Barker's 33rd birthday. We always have a grand time out at Dunn Bros, you should come and check it out!

Also at the show Ben Hall will have brand spanking new copies of his newest CD,  Scars & Stars. This is your first chance to pick up your copy on disc. Scars & Stars was recorded at Sauna Studios in Channelview, Tx. Produced by Huke and Cristi Green and featuring Jonathan Lin, Samuel Barker and Tommy Worely. It is Ben's second solo disc produced via Cinder Shack Productions and Sauna Studios.



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