A weekend off, Girls night out... Cypress Saloon coming up.

Hello kiddies,

Not much going on this weekend. Travis is outta town so nothing Wayward. I think Sam has something going on too. I kinda wished I had booked some solo thing somewhere, but a weekend off could be nice too... Maybe. Keep checking my website "Quick Thoughts... via Twitter" to see if I am going insane from lack of playing out!

Since we knew in advance we had a off weekend, Cristi went and planned a girls night out. That leaves me here with a couple of, as Momma Green called us as kids, Hanyaks running round the house. I looked up Hanyak for the first time ever and dicovered It refers to people who do not use common sense, are insensitive to others and their environment, and are generally just stupid about what they're doing and their impact on others. Examples they give are: Did you see that hanyak cut across three lanes to make the light? OR That hanyak just butted way in front of the line we're in. So, now you know a usefull new word. Your welcome.. and Thanks to Momma Green for calling me and my sister that all those years.

So today I plan on organizing some areas of the house and having a pretty chill kind of day. If the hanyaks cooperate, they should have an easy day too. I saw on the PS3 that they have a horror movie that you can watch for free, so I'll check that out after the kiddos go to bed. The movie is 'Savage County'. The synopsis on Amazon reads:  "A group of teens collide with their town's dark past when a prank gone wrong makes them the target of a family of bloodthirsty killers." Sounds like a winner to me! If you also watch it on PS3 give me a shout on the Comment portion of the site. It is to the left of the site right below the show schedule and social site links. Drop a line on whatever you feel like in fact.


Next Friday, October 29th, we have a Wayward Sons show at Cypress Saloon. We are in the opening spot for about 9pm and the headlining band is Rosehill.  We will be hanging out after our show during Rosehill, come out to Cypress and have a good time with us.

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