CD Release shows

CXCW gets Wayward!

We are pleased to be back on Couch By CouchWest again this year. Last year Sam and I had solo spots during the worlds biggest online music Festival, but this year we went Wayward! The videos were recorded outside of our rehearsal space around the fire pit. This is sacred ground and the usual spot where we hang out after practice or recording a relax. Click the link below to go to CXCW!

The Wayward Sons - CXCW 2013

You can also download our four song session from our Bandcamp store

FREE Wayward Sons CXCW 2013 session download

Please visit and check out all the great videos! Some of our good friends are also on the festival.


State of the Wayward Address

The more things change, the more they stay the same... Jason Poe our beloved drummer for the last few years has moved to Marfa, Texas and with this move has once again put The Wayward Sons in alt/folk duo mode. Sam and I have probably played three times as many show as a duo than that of a full band. We are sad to see Jason go, and we wish him all the best. We plan to have some shows with him on the skins when we are out his way.

You may be asking yourself what will be the norm for the future of The Wayward Sons. Well, we have decided to fully embrace the duo form. We are not looking for bass players, drummers or electric lead guys... we are going to run with what we know best. Ever since Sam and I hooked up for the Sons back in Jan. of 2009 we have had an influx of members coming and going. When these other members had other gigs with other bands we kept playing, putting away loud roots rock for acoustic folk songwriter shows.

When Jason announced he was departing at the end of Feb, Sam and I discussed the future of the Sons. We decided  we are going to keep on as a duo. We are going to flourish as a duo. We will miss J. Poe, but we are getting pretty excited about the direction we are heading... back to where we have been many times over the last four years. This time we aren't searching Craigslist. Not calling up favors. Not having tiresome practice sessions going over the same material with new folks plugged in. This time, one step back will be 2 steps forward. We will begin recording a new record in the next few weeks. We are booking gigs. We will be having guest players such as our good friend C.T. Worley. We will be looking forward to seeing all of you out there. Keep your eyes and ears open.



Books and Booze podcast Featuring Court Merrigan and music by Huke Green

The Books and Booze podcast recently interviewed one of Huke's very favorite authors, Court Merrigan, and included music from the 'Rustic Poet' album.

You can get your copy of his excellent short story collection, Moondog Over The Mekong, at Amazon. Both paperback and Kindle Editions are available.


"This is noir writing at its finest. Restrained, yet lyrical, bloody, but full of heart. There's a plethora of crime writers out there approaching the dark nature of man, but few do with it the deft use of language that I found in these stories."

                                   Brad Green - Author, Associate editor at PANK magazine


Midnight: Waiting For The Sun To Rise - actII

Midnight coming Halloween 2012

Midnight Part 2 of 'Waiting For The Sun To Rise' takes us through the darkest part of our journey and is set for a Halloween release date. Keep and eye on my Twitter feed and my store to get your limited time FREE Download of this E.P.!

Dragliners and The Wayward Sons at Jackie B's this Saturday

The long awaited pairing of The Dragliners' grunge grass sound and The Wayward Sons' southern grunge is finally here. Head out to Jackie B's for some killer tunes, cold beer and an all around awesome experience. Come out and hang with us!

October 2012

Hey folks, 

There's lots of cool things going on here in the fall of 2012. This very afternoon Casey Royer and Ryan Dickson, of The Jobe Wilson Band, paid a visit to Sauna Studios to record Casey's solo acoustic EP. This is gonna be a good one folks. I'll keep you updated on the progress so that you can get you a copy of these tasty tunes when they are available.

The Wayward Sons are pushing forward with a full schedule for October and November. Next Saturday we are playing with our good friends The Dragliners. Then on Oct. 27th we are opening for Ronnie Fauss at Bohemeo's for the Houston stop on his CD release run. To say i'm excited for what the next few weeks bring would be an understatement! I implore you to make it out to BOTH of these shows! 

In November we return to a Midtown favorite, Khon's. This is a great sounding cozy venue that you MUST come witness a Wayward gig take place at. We are also close to home with a Baytown gig. One at the Greatest venue East of Houston, The Dirty Bay Beer Company, and there is also a Dunn Bros. gig out in Friendswood as well. 

In December The Sons return to Rudyard's with special quests from Anahuac sharing the stage that night. Then we return to Baytown for a Thurday Dinner acoustic show at the Red Fox. Both in Old Downtown Baytown.

Keep an eye on the schedule over to the right so not to miss a minute of music!


Wayward Times

Our schedule got pretty full kinda quick over the next few months. We have the Wayward Machine cranking up to full! We've got a pretty good formula going that puts out some good sounds. We have been rolling  The three of us are excited about what we have going. Keep an eye on to keep up with things we have going on. You can find our Twitters and such too and keep up with the day to day stuff.

The WFTSTR solo EPs are still gonna happen... just gonna take a bit longer than expected to get them out with most of my focus going toward the band and getting a Wayward EP out asap. Thanks for your patience, and I will throw in some bonus stuff for anyone who has pre-ordered.


Waiting for 'Waiting For The Sun To Rise'

There has been a slight delay in the recording of the next albums. There have been a few reasons. Kids outta school. A much needed new day gig. Wayward Sons getting going again to name a few. There are kinda lame excuses, but excuses none the less. I'm planning on doing some recording next week... but I do have a business trip to Orlando for the week after. I want to have the first part done before the end of summer. I would like to have the second part, Midnight, out around Halloween. It is the darkest part after all. would make sense. Maybe Christmas time for the last part since it's more on the brighter side. No promises though.  

I attempted to create a Kickstarter campaign, but they rejected me. Apparently they didn't like the fact my budget was $77. I'm supposed to come up with some ridiculous $25,000 type number. I'm not gonna insult your intelligence and pretend it costs that much for me to record my music in my garage and get a few DIY CD's made. There's a 'Tip Jar' tab on my website you can throw a few bucks in if you want to help. The albums will be put into the public primarily via my digital store. I just need a few CDs to sell at gigs and to send to reviewers. 

So, bear with me as I get this stuff together. 


Family Photo - June 2012


Return of the Sons! (Acoustic Show)

After a year and a half Hiatus, The Wayward Sons return with an acoustic show. Rock shows to come later in 2012. Come celebrash!

Alex Breland opens.

Saint Arnold, Karbach and No Name brews on tap.

Fontana Coffee

It's Win Win...

April 27 Newswire

The Front Porch Society will be playing the patio at Dunn Bros. Friendswood this coming Saturday night. It will be a special episode of the FPS as it is Semi-BarkerFest in celebration of our Samuel Barker's 33rd birthday. We always have a grand time out at Dunn Bros, you should come and check it out!

Also at the show Ben Hall will have brand spanking new copies of his newest CD,  Scars & Stars. This is your first chance to pick up your copy on disc. Scars & Stars was recorded at Sauna Studios in Channelview, Tx. Produced by Huke and Cristi Green and featuring Jonathan Lin, Samuel Barker and Tommy Worely. It is Ben's second solo disc produced via Cinder Shack Productions and Sauna Studios.



Mr. Sugars...

This is Mr. Sugars. He could not survive outdoors. He thought he was all cool once and ran out the door  after our feral cat. The minute he realized he was outside he freaked out and ran up a tree. He LOVES Chubby Checker.

FREE album Download!

The Sons have regrouped and are working on new songs in preparation to return in 2012 with their  co-fronted Southern Grunge effort between Samuel Barker and Huke Green. In the meantime, you can download for FREE the 2009 classic, On The Wayward Path, recorded raw live at Rudyard's in Houston, TX. We hope you enjoy, and get ready to be rocked again later in 2012!

San Antonio / Austin this weekend

Barker * Green * Taylor

We are closing out March with a run to visit our friends in San Antonio (at The Cove)

...and Austin (at Cherrywood Coffee). Come hang out with us if you're in the area.



The FPS Saint Patty's Day jamboree

CXCW 2012. Day 1

There has been a lot of great stuff already to kick off the 2012 CXCW Festival. I had the privialge of being a part of CXCW and you can see GASLIGHT at this link!

CXCW 2012 Gaslight - Huke Green

The FPS - CXCW 2012

Videos: FPS live at Dunn Bros Friendswood

Bohemeo's with Red Bluff - This Friday

Blogpost: Weekend recap and videos

I Had a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out and shared it at Bohemeo's on Thursday, Dunn Bros. on Friday and Chicago Pizza and Italian Beef on Saturday! Below is a video posted from each of the nights. @ solo sets and the Front porch Society to wrap up the week in grand fashion.


And a very special treat. Nathan Taylor leading a porchy rendition of Quiet Riot's "Come On Feel The Noise"



Enjoy your week, and I hope to see you at Bohemeo's this coming Friday, Feb 3rd!

Chicago Pizza and Italian Beff TONIGHT!

Tonight from 7pm-11pm

for more info: Event Invite

Solo gig TONIGHT in Spring, TX

I'm a gritty, grimey folk singer. Tonight, i have a completly solo show. No lead guitar. No banjo. No nothin'. Your gonna hear stuff I don't get to play on a regualr basis. Come and dig in. It's at Dunn Bros. Coffee. A nice place to listen to music. Family Friendly. Good Coffee. Quiet Atmosphere. Pastries, smoothies and such. Come early to claim your spot. I'll be directly in front of the fireplace.

Dunn Bros. Coffee

9305 Spring Cypress Rd
Spring, TX 77379

Porch Talk: TV shows
I don't expect this to amount to a hill of beans to you, but I'm gonna try to put some stuff on the site that is just kinda... I don't know... getting to know me type things. I'm just a regular kinda guy. So I'll share some things of an everyday life variety so we can have a more friendly relationship rather than an "Artist / Fan" awkward deal happening.
I don't have cable or satellite. I have a PlayStation 3 and watch TV via Netflix and Hulu. In the bedroom I have a Roku box, which serves the same purpose. I just got tired of paying all the money for cable. When I was growing up we had cable. We had ONE HBO and ONE Cinemax channel because...well, they only had one. I didn't get internet in my home till 2005. But now I have internet and no cable. Can't say I miss it. I might be a little late on the seasons of my favorite shows, but I can live with that just fine.

I don't usually like to watch shows till they get a few seasons under their belt. I hate getting into a show, getting to like the characters and settings, then the network cancels it. It happened twice recently. We started watching two shows with the kids... Let me clarify something real quick. We have what we call "kid shows", which doesn't mean it's Disney channel stuff, just stuff that's Ok for the kids to watch. So, The "kid shows", we had been watching 'No Ordinary Family' on ABC which we all enjoyed cancelled after an open ended season finale. I was non too happy. We also watched 'The Cape' on NBC, which ended worse because they cancelled it BEFORE the season finale and tried to condense the final three episodes into one. That turned a good show into a disappointing mess!


Here are some shows I really dig. True Blood, Justified, American Horror Story, Dexter, Sons Of Anarchy, The League, Blue Mountain State. These are the ones we watch when kids go to bed. Some that we watch with the kids are Storage Wars, Swamp People, Gold Rush, Warehouse 13, Fact Or Faked, Psych, American Pickers, Auction Hunters, Sons Of Guns. There's some others in there. I'll watch ANYTHING with Gordon Ramsay.

So there you go. I'll link this kinda stuff to my Twitter (My Preferred Social Experience) and Facebook. If you have any comments or suggestions on something shoot me a line at one of those places. Be sure to include if the show is Kid Friendly or not. Next time I think I'll talk movies. Thanks y'all.



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