About Huke:

Huke was born and raised in Channelview, Texas (just East of Houston). He spent most of his youth running around outside and highly enjoys being in the woods.

He got his first guitar for his 18th birthday... A Yamaha Enterna starter package from the 'Going Out Of Business' sale at Service Merchandise in San Jacinto Mall. He still has it, but never plays it.

Huke is a Globophobe... Yes, he is terrified of balloons. This is not a joke.

The first song he wrote was 'Pistola' at the age of 28.

Huke's favorite movie genre is 1980's slashers. He doesn't enjoy Summer blockbusters and very much despises CGI in place of practical special effects.

Huke has never been drunk in all his years. He might drink a six pack worth of Lonestar a year. He gives any drinks brought to him on stage to his bandmates. He asks that you buy a CD instead. Thanks.

Huke played only twice in public,  2 open mics at Blanco's, before joining Ben Hall, Randy Hill, and Nathan Taylor to form 'The Front Porch Society' in Sept of 2007 with weekly happy hour shows on the back deck of McGonigel's Mucky Duck in Houston, TX.

When asked his favorite color he always answers with "Earth Tones"

In the Summer of 2008 Bass player Jeff Rodgers convinced Huke that he should try his hand at forming a band. After a week of consideration Huke agreed to give it a shot and 'The Wayward Sons' was born. Their first gig was in Oct 2008 at The Corner Pub in Conroe opening for Ben Hall and Randy Hill's band, The Dragliners.

Huke was an All-star Catcher for Channelview Little League for multiple years.

Since 2009 he has consistently partnered with Samuel F. Barker to continue the legacy of both The Front Porch Society and The Wayward Sons. The pair had been dubbed "The Harbingers of Happiness" due to the constant dark content of their songwriting.


What some folks have said 'bout Huke

 “Raw as a shot of whisky, no ice. These songs come at you hard and don't let up. Acoustic story-telling straight from a wizened heart. They rock with nary an electric note. They burn going down and will stay with you. ” Author, Court Merrigan

 “Well aged alt-country that's carried with a voice as hard as coffin nails… These songs paint a perfect picture... a sonic landscape which must be listened to.” Gawain -  Der Bänkelsänger (The Balladeer) 

"The purity of his heart and lyrics is contrasted with his coarse earth ridden vocals. Huke canand will arrest you with hard fought lyrics and delivery." - Ben Hall 


       Huke also continues to carry on the legacy of 'The Front Porch Society'

playing a multitude of instruments alongside fellow Front Porch brethren.

Venues that have hosted Huke Green 

Luckenbach Texas as part of The Guinness world record setting weekend in August of 2009 • Momo's - Austin,TX • The Wedge - Saint Louis, MO • The Auslander - Fredericksburg, TX •  McGonigel's Mucky Duck  - Houston, TX • Firehouse Saloon - Houston, TX • Almost Austin - Pasadena, TX • The Corner Pub - Conroe, TX • Bohemeo's - Houston, TX Cypress Saloon - Cypress, TX • Waldo's Coffee - Houston, TX • Rudyard's British Pub - Houston, TX • Mojo Risin' Coffee House - Houston, TX The Tiki Bar - Crystal Beach, TX The Barking Dog - Beaumont, TX Andy's – Houston, TX • T's Hideaway - Conroe, TX • The Continental Club - Houston, TX • Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge - Houston, TX Joel's Ugly Dawg - League City, TX Dunn Bros. - Houston, TX   Spring/KatyGreenway Commons  • Saint Arnold Brewi ng Co. - Houston, TX  • The Cove - San Antonio, TX • Turtle Bayou Landing - Anahuac, TX • Fat Tone Guitars - Chicago, IL • Pizzitola's Bar-B-Que - Houston, TX • The Parlor - Austin, TX • TUTS - Conroe, TX Java Cabana - Memphis, TN LIT Hookah Lounge - Humble, TX • Grampy Larry's Lake House - Willis, TX • The Bayview Duck - Bacliff, TX • Coffee Contigo's - Houston, TX • Super Happy Fun Land! - Houston, TX • Mango's - Houston, TX • Texas Traditions BBQ - Katy, TX • Da Swamp Shak - Channelview, TX

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